Qualified Teaching Staff


The staff of Al Waha School is made up of well-qualified and highly motivated professionals who put in their best efforts to achieve the goals set before them. The selection procedure is such that only the most suitable are hired.


Junior School

Senior School


Optimal class size and remedial teaching

The class sizes at Al Waha International School are kept favourably small. The teacher-student ratio is 1:11, and this ensures that each student receives the individual attention he/she deserves. This also gives the students and teachers an opportunity to develop a friendly and trusting relationship.

Departmental co-ordination in the main subject streams is achieved through the appointment of heads of department who are senior teachers, conversant with the demands of the curriculum across the year groups.

Teachers also provide one-on-one coaching whenever possible, within school hours, to students who are academically below the level of their year group.

Remedial and extra classes are held regularly, either after school hours or on Thursdays to provide the necessary help for weaker students and senior IGCSE pupils respectively


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